Night Owl

Night Owl is a personal music project of mine I have been working on over the past year and a half. Since I wrote and recorded most of the songs by myself in the late hours, I wanted my visual presence to represent the quiet, self-reflective tone that bled through into the music. I designed everything from the ground up. Creating the identity, short video snippets, wrote/recorded music, and crafted the website. It was exciting to be able to have full control sonically and visually over an idea.


The social experiment

The below are excerpts from short videos I created on Instagram to promote my album and website. I wanted to challenge myself and utilize the allotted time for videos on the platform and see if anything meaningful could be edited down to that timeframe.

Night Owl Transmission
Night Owl Ships
Night Owl Mirror



Not just a website

Treating it more as an extension of the songs, the website functions to put the listener into a space that aesthetically complements my music. The design is simple and dark so that it relies solely on a few key visual elements that allow the tone of Night Owl to sonically and visually coexist without overpowering each other. View the website.