OnPace Mobile App and Admin Platform

MedPace is piloting a new way to push out medical trial information to physicians within their network. By having the OnPace app readily available in the examination room, it becomes a resource to direct patients to important studies being conducted on specific types of diseases.


Trial Dashboard/Landing Page

This first set displays available trials to the user that are within the testing region, This enables physicians to quickly identify and learn more about the studies that could potentially benefit their patients. Navigation tiles on the trial landing page allows users to quickly look at important information for the study.



Users have the ability to look at documentation around the administration of a trial and also view available videos to give further context.

Desktop Copy

Qualification Check and Navigation

Physicians can do a quick spot-check to see if their patients meet the criteria to participate in a trial. The full screen navigation presents a means to jump anywhere within the trial regardless of what section they are on.

Desktop Copy 2

OnPace Admin

Users of the admin system are able to customize each trial within the app. This allows for custom branding and building out content for each section. Because each trial could vary by region, I had to design a way for the administrators to setup versions for each trial. This would then allow different content to be displayed depending on which version has been pushed out to a group of users.