Broken Eggs Film

Broken Eggs Film is a documentary that outlines the looming retirement crisis in America and its effects on the lives of everyday people. With eye-opening statistics and relatable stories, the film serves as an informative guide to a dire situation. I contributed to the development of the film’s website as well as a number of supporting visual pieces used to promote conversation.

Logo by Adrienne Brand

Broken Eggs Film Poster
Broken Eggs Film Story
Broken Eggs Postcard

 Just a few facts

Sometimes just presenting the hard-hitting facts in text is not enough. The below illustrations were created to be used as elements on the Broken Eggs Website.

Broken Eggs Graphic 1
Broken Eggs Film Graphic2
Broken Eggs Grapic
Broken Eggs Film graphic

Spreading the word

Once the movie hit the festival circuit there was a need to revamp the website and focus more on the characters. The design itself integrates stills and quotes from the movie with facts and sound-bites to compliment the documentary. Interactive features of the site include a space to watch interviews, become an advocate for retirement, and even screen the movie for free. I collaborated with team focus97 on design and development of the site. Visit the website.